SWIMMING: Complete results from Tarpon Invite with Charlotte and Port Charlotte

By Chuck Ballaro, Sun Correspondent

Port Charlotte's Jaclyn Roche competes during the girls 200 freestyle (Sun photo by Michele Haskell)

Port Charlotte’s Jaclyn Roche competes during the girls 200 freestyle (Sun photo by Michele Haskell)

PUNTA GORDA — OK, so Riverview lapped the field Saturday at the Tarpon Invitational at the South County Regional Pool. That doesn’t mean the local swimmers rolled over the played dead.

Although there were none who topped the podium, several area swimmers made their mark. That goes especially for the Port Charlotte High School girls, who has numerous medal-stand finishes on the way to placing fifth as a team.

As might be expected, Makenzie Miller led the way for the Pirates with a second in the 100-yard backstroke and a third in the 200 individual medley. Amber Hrabak placed third in the 100 breaststroke to go along with a strong 500 freestyle.

Miller and Hrabak also were part of the 200 medley relay and 400 free relay teams that were fourth and fifth, respectively.

“Where we’re at in the season, I think I did pretty well. There are some things I need to work on for districts,” Hrabak said. “Everyone is back and we’re getting new swimmers who’ve worked so hard.”

Added Miller: “I liked where I’m at right now and as we get further into the season, hopefully I’ll get up a little more. The competition is insane. Everyone here races as hard as they could. It was a meet that gets you ready for districts.”

Most unexpected was a third-place finish from Christina Vallone in the one-meter diving.

“Christina snuck in there and Makenzie had some good races and so did the breaststrokers,” Port Charlotte coach J.R. Whaley said. “The girls are getting in good shape as are the boys, though we’re low in numbers.”

Port Charlotte’s boys finished 11th. Kevin Jansen-Dugan finished seventh in diving to lead the Pirates.

As for the hosts, there weren’t a lot of high finishes for the Charlotte boys, but they placed many swimmers in the middle to earn fifth place. Tom Nelson finished third in the 50 free, while the 200 free relay, featuring Nelson, placed second.

Nelson also was sixth in the 100 backstroke, while Dylan Hacker, also part of the relay team, had some solid runs with a fourth in the 100 breaststroke and a seventh in the 200 IM. Dalton Larson was sixth in the diving and Yahia El Hamshary was eighth in the 100 free.

“We swam well. We had a lot of improvement. We’re young and we do what we can every day,” Charlotte coach Jeff Cain said. “We’re on our way.”

Charlotte’s girls finished eighth, with Becca Parnell being the star with her second in the diving. The Tarpons placed four divers in the top 10 to earn their boatload of points.

Micah Barnes continued her strong freshman season with a sixth in the 100 backstroke and a seventh in the 200 IM for Charlotte.

Riverview won the girls side with 452 points. Lakewood Ranch was a distant second (322), just wiggling past Sarasota (320).
The Rams boys, with 444.5 points, blew past Naples (261) and Barron Collier (250).

At South County Regional Pool
Punta Gorda
Riverview 452, Lakewood Ranch 322, Sarasota 320, Gulf Coast 256, Port Charlotte 172, Barron Collei 132, Naples 129, Charlotte 115, Venice 91, Community School of Naples 76, Sarasota Christian 52, Evengelical Christian 51
200 medley relay: 1. Lakewood Ranch (Courtney Chapin, Emily Loefgren, Keely Radloff, Katelynn Coons) 1:54.31, 2. Sarasota 1:54.87, 3. Gulf Coast 1:59.56; 200 freestyle: 1. Christina Ciancino ((RIV) 1:55.00, 2. Emma Weyant (RIV) 1:56.59, 3. Heaven Bazo ( LR) 1:59.07; 200 IM: 1. Emily Loefgren (LR) 2:13.89, 2. Alexis Andros (RIV) 2:16.78, 3. Makenzie Miller (PC) 2:16.91; 50 freestyle: 1. Katelynn Coons (LR) 25.66, 2. Courtney Chapin (LR) 25.86, 3. Brooke Boling (GC) 25.91; 1-meter diving: 1. Olivia Ricard (GC) 394.75, 2.Becca Parnell (CHS) 299.20, 3. Christina Vallone (PC) 264.45; 100 butterfly: 1. Isabel Traba (SAR) 59.05, 2. Cindy Dong (RIV) 59.11, 3. Tori Holcomb (SAR) 1:00.23; 100 freestyle: 1. Cindy Dong (RIV) 55.57, 2. Brooke Boling (GC) 56.80, 3. Haile Bogumil (LR) 57.03; 500 freestyle: 1. Emma Weyant (RIV) 5:03.09, 2. Christina Cianciolo (RIV) 5:05.37, 3. Isabella Marsala (BC) 5:12.06;
200 freestyle relay: 1. Sarasota (Tori Holcomb, Isabel Traba, Laine Chmielewski, Olivia Graham) 1:43.43, 2. Lakewood Ranch 1:44.53, 3. Riverview 1:47.65; 100 backstroke: 1. Courtney Chapin (LR) 59.30, 2. Makenzie Miller (PC) 1:02.54, 3. Alexis Andros (RIV) 1:02.59; 100 breaststroke: 1. Emily Loefgren (LR) 1:12.35, 2. Annalise Eisold (NAP) 1:13.37, 3. Amber Hrabak (PC) 1:14.75; 400 freestyle relay: 1. Riverview (Genisis Dolgetta, Cindy Dong, Kirsten Hobson, Christina Cianciolo) 3:44.44, 2. Lakewood Ranch 3:45.76, 3. Sarasota 3:46.43.

Riverview 444.5, Naples 261, Barron Collier 250, Gulf Coast 250, Charlotte 214, Venice 201.5, Sarasota 174, Lakewood Ranch 128, Community School of Naples 93, Evangelical Christian 85, Port Charlotte 67, Southwest Florida Christian 14, Sarasota Christian 10
200 medley relay: 1. Riverview (Brett Riley, Keanan Dols, Aye-Chan San Tun, Brendan Firlie) 1:41.90, 2. Naples 1:42.58, 3. Barron Collier 1:47.55; 200 freestyle: 1. Nicholas Hernandez-Tome (RIV) 1:46.92, 2. Paolo Sunyak (BC) 1:47.05, 3. Brendan Firlie (RIV) 1:47.21; 200 IM: 1.Keanan Dols (RIV) 1:58.23, 2. Brett Riley (RIV) 2:00.30, 3. Matthew Limbacher (NAP) 2:02. 08; 50 freestyle: 1. Davis Olmsted (NAP) 22.67; 2. Chasen Dubs (RIV) 22.87, 3. Tom Nelson (CHS) 23.34; 1-meter diving: 1. Andrew Mizell (GC) 338.35, 2. Jaeden Procacci (GC) 299.20, 3. Xavier Korda (GC) 262.50; 100 butterfly: 1. Keanan Dols (RIV) 53.74, 2. Aye-Chen San Tun (RIV) 55.25, 3. Andrew Mills (ECS) 55.53; 100 freestyle: 1. Davis Olmsted (NAP) 48.95, 2. Chasen Dubs (RIV) 50.14, 3. JJ Corrigan (RIV) 50.74; 500 freestyle: 1. Nicholas Hernandez-Tome (RIV) 4:47.24, 2. Brendan Firlie (RIV) 4:47.66, 3. Paolo Sunyak (BC) 4:50.32; 200 freestyle relay: 1. Riverview (Keanan Dols, Brendan Firlie, Brett Riley, Tyler Carmichael) 1:32.73, 2. Charlotte 1:34.52, 3. Barron Collier 1:35.78; 100 backstroke: 1. Sebastian Aguirre (LR) 56.64, 2. Cole Gutknecht (GC) 58.24, 3. Tyler Carmichael (RIV) 58.86; 100 breaststroke: 1. Matthew Limbacher ( NAP) 58.93, 2. Brett Riley (RIV) 1:03.65, 3. Alex Bradfield (NAP) 1:04.06; 400 freestyle relay: 1. Naples (Alex Bradfield, Ayden Guidobono, Matthew Limbacher, Davis Olmstead) 3:20.74, 2. Riverdale 3:22.17, 3. Gulf Coast 3:27.99.

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