FALL ALL-AREA 2016: Girls Cross Country


Parents: DJ Ogilvie and Toni Ogilvie
Siblings: Sydni, David, Andrew
Age: 18
Future major: Something in the medical field, will also run cross country
Favorite food: Anything with chicken
Favorite musician: Selena Gomez
Motto: Be tough.

By Jordan Kroeger, SunCoast Sports

ENGLEWOOD — Kelsi Ogilvie could feel a state medal in her grasp.

In her sight was the finish line at the Class 2A state meet. She was in 10th place and had just 100 meters to go to take her spot on the podium at Apalachee State Park.

But then, at the last second, everything changed.

The Villages’ Rebecca Clark passed the Lemon Bay High School runner at the last second, causing Ogilvie to fall to 11th place.

She missed out on a state medal by 0.76 seconds with a time of 18 minutes, 58.03 seconds.

“That was super frustrating. I was coming into the finish line at the last 100 [meters] and I heard them yelling ‘there’s a girl right behind you!’ so I was swinging as hard as I could and this girl comes flying by me literally at the last few feet. I was frustrated but at the same time I ran a lot faster than I ever thought I would,” Ogivlie said.

That could actually be said of Ogilvie’s entire season.

The senior dropped her time by about a minute from the start of the season and she went on to win a district and regional championship at the end. On top of her district title, she set the school record in the race with a time of 18:48.00, shattering the Nicole Mis’ time of 19:01.68 at the 2012 state meet.

Ogilvie is easily the choice for this year’s Sun all-area girls cross country runner of the year.

“Setting the school record was never the goal from the beginning,” Ogilvie said. “I knew last year in track I was close in the 2-mile so then it was a thought that in my head that maybe I can get there in cross country too, but I never thought I’d ever come that close to it.

“Once I got to low 19s my coaches said ‘you can totally do that! It’d be awesome!’ I knew our regional course would be a tough course so I knew if I was going to break it I had to break it at our home course [at districts]. I was kind of alone on that race so I had to push myself because that was going to be the one chance to break it. It was an amazing feeling when I crossed the finish line knowing I did that. I was super pumped.”

Her school record of 18:48.00 at Lemon Bay’s home course shocked Ogilvie in part because she ran the same course to begin the season at the Lemon Bay Invitational. She won that race too, but with a time of 19:44.00.

“The improvement that she’s made has a lot to do just with her internal drive, her makeup, her character and her work ethic,” Lemon Bay coach Joe Casale said. “She probably outworks almost everybody. When you put her work ethic up against everyone else’s, hands down she wins. That’s the reason she is where she is.”

In addition to her victory at the Lemon Bay Invitational, Ogilvie also won the Triton Cross Country Invitational this season. She also placed 5th at both the Fort Myers High Hoptar Invite and North Port Invite.

But it all could have been for naught, considering Ogilvie almost quit cross country during her sophomore season. She suffered a stress fracture her freshman year and then another her sophomore year.

That frustration was almost too much for Ogilvie to handle.

“After the first year I just thought ‘oh, I still have track’ and I went and had a good track season and I was like ‘oh, it was just a mishap.’ And then when I started sophomore year I started getting a pain in my foot and was like ‘oh gosh, not again,’” Ogilvie said.

“I remember going to my trainer and I started crying and he said ‘why are you freaking out?’ and I told him ‘I know it’s coming back! I know it’s coming back!’ All that summer I was just preparing for the season and wanted to do really good and then I got x-rays and found out I had a stress fracture again. I remember being so frustrated and just thinking ‘I’m just not going to do cross country because what’s the point? I’m going to be behind, I’m never going to get good so what’s the point of doing this if I keep getting hurt? I thought it was something I couldn’t bounce back from.”

Turns out, she was wrong.

Her parents and coaches convinced her to stick with it and the rest is history. The fix for her injuries turned out to be men’s running shoes.

That’s right, men’s.

Ogilvie says her feet are a little wider than normal and she now wears men’s shoes for protection. She hasn’t had an issue since.

Ogilvie plans to run cross country at the next level either at the University of North Florida, the United States Military Academy or Southeastern University, where her sister Sydni currently runs.


KALEY BOETHIG, North Port, Senior
Boethig steadily improved throughout the season and ran a season-best of 20:19.23 at districts to finish 10th. She placed 28th at regionals with a 20:46.68.

LINDSAY BOETHIG, North Port, Senior
Just like her sister Kaley, Lindsay also improved throughout the season before stumbling at regionals. She posted her season-best at districts with a time of 20:45.41.

ISABELLA COOGAN, Charlotte, Sophomore
Coogan set a school record with a time of 18:52.70 at the Venice Invitational. She was poised to medal at states but had to be shut down for the season after districts due to a stress fracture.

Robinson ran her best time of the season at states with a 19:24.21 to finish 26th. She also posted top-5 finishes at districts and regionals.

MADDISON WELCH, Lemon Bay, Junior
Welch ran a personal-best of 19:31.00 at the North Port Invitational and was a state qualifier, where she finished 33rd. She also placed second at regionals, fourth at districts and won the Flrunners.com Invitational with a time of 19:37.16.

Honorable mention: North Port: Darielle Costa, Kayla Dennis, Emily Rumisek; Charlotte: Katie Kanagy, Alexa Roughton.

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