GIRLS WEIGHTLIFTING: Charlotte’s 6 individual titles leads to team district championship

By Chuck Ballaro, Sun Correspondent

Charlotte's Britney Augustin was one of six Tarpons to win their weight class at Wednesday's district championships (Sun Photo by Michele Haskell).

Charlotte’s Britney Augustin was one of six Tarpons to win their weight class at Wednesday’s district championships (Sun Photo by Michele Haskell).

PUNTA GORDA — While the scoreboard may have dictated otherwise, it was not an easy week for the Charlotte girls weightlifting team.
Illness and making weight was a major issue going into the District 2A-16 weightlifting championship at the Wally Keller Gymnasium. But despite all that, the Tarpons were still able to lap the field and win the district championship, placing six lifters on top of the podium.
Charlotte’s 92 points more than doubled runner-up Venice, which had 39 points and had the other four weight class winners. Fort Myers was third at 26, with the other teams bringing far fewer lifters than Charlotte, which brought 19, 17 of which advanced to regionals next Wednesday at home again, by placing in the top six.
But it wasn’t easy, according to Charlotte coach Angie Nolan, who said that many of her girls were either losing weight, gaining weight, or in the case of two-time state champion Breanna Jacobs, was just sick as a dog.
“That’s very hard. Our sport takes place over Thanksgiving and Christmas and you have to make weight, which isn’t easy to do,” Nolan said.
Mahra Moss, who won at 199, had the toughest road, having to lose 11 pounds in five days just to make weight.
“My performance wasn’t as good as it ought to be, but I did the best I could. My body has been sore and I’m mentally drained,” Moss said. “I just did what I could to make me and my team happy.”
Jacobs, who has lifted at 139 all season, has been lowered to 129, as Nolan believes that’s the best place for her to win a third title. She won handily, despite being sick.
“I went light today. I want to work my way up to get more energy,” Jacobs said. “I want to ease in at regionals and let it all loose at states.”
Nolan made sure her girls got on the board with one lift in both bench and clean and jerk, which pretty much would place them in regionals.
“We went ultra-conservative today just to advance to regionals. We went conservative with their opener and moved on from there,” Nolan said.
Brisilde Bejte also won at 101, Natalie Jen was winner at 110, Britney Augustin won at 139 and Tiffany Dodson took the unlimited for the Tarpons. Madison Hankison (101), Jena Trainor (110), Silvia Gardien (129), Emily Vaughn (169), Catherine Dominguez (183) and Britney Williams (Unl.) finished second.
Venice had the other four winners; Natalie Deto (119), Carmen Guyer (154), Mary Lou Johnson (169) and Lindsey Sherwood (183). Emily Mioduszeweski (199) was the lone runner-up.
“I’m happy for the girls. We have eight on 10 going to regionals. They’re the ones who put the work in,” said Venice coach Sascha Hyer.
North Port brought eight lifters, of which seven reached regionals, led by Kaitlin Lacey’s third at 101.
“Some of them has personal bests or season bests. We have a lot of room for improvement going into next week, but from the beginning of the year to now, we’ve made huge gains,” said North Port coach Tony Miller.

at Charlotte High
Team standings
Charlotte 92, Venice 39, Fort Myers 26, Sarasot 20, Riverdale 17, North Port 15, East Lee 4, Riverview 3.
101: 1. Brisilda Bejte (CHS) 95-115-210; 2. Madison Hankison (CHS) 95-105-200; 3. Kaitlin Lacey (NP) 90-100-190; 110: 1. Natalie Jen (CHS) 125-135-260; 2. Jena Trainor (CHS) 135-120-255; 3. Corinne Allison (SAR) 105-125-230; 119: 1. Natalie Deto (VEN) 140-155-295; 2. Leah Shinn (FM) 105-120-225; 3. Katie Opalach (CHS) 110-110-220.

129: 1. Breanna Jacobs (CHS) 180-165-345; 2. Silvia Gardien (CHS) 160-165-325; 3. Olivia Mays (SAR) 105-135-240; 139: 1. Britney Augustin (CHS) 145-145-290; 2. Hope Bumgarner (SAR) 105-125-230; 3. Sara Perkins (RVD) 105-105-210; 154: 1. Carmen Guyer (VEN) 140-165-305; 2. Katelyn Brunson (FM) 120-175-295; 3. Shelby Beisner (CHS) 130-155-285; 169: 1. Mary Lou Johnson (VEN) 150-130-280; 2. Emily Vaughn (CHS) 125-150-275; 3. Skylar Gribben (CHS) 120-145-265.

183: 1. Lindsey Sherwood (VEN) 155-165-320; 2. Catherine Dominguez (CHS) 135-120-255; 3. Morgan Barham (CHS) 105-120-225; 199: 1. Mahra Moss (CHS) 155-150-305; 2. Emily Mioduszeweski (VEN) 125-125-250; 3. Erika Lane (CHS) 120-125-245; Unl: 1. Tiffany Dodson (CHS) 185-165-350; 2. Britney Williams (CHS) 200-145-345; 3. Samantha Anderson (VEN) 155-135-290.

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