TRACK AND FIELD: Charlotte wins Lady Tarpon Invite

By Chuck Ballaro, Sun Correspondent

PUNTA GORDA — Charlotte girls track coach Jerry Voss really liked what he saw in his team Thursday in its Lady Tarpon Invitational.

Meanwhile, North Port had its moments, setting two school records in the field events. But the Bobcats couldn’t quite get it together.

Charlotte pretty much lapped the field, with its 129 points almost doubling up runner-up Lakewood Ranch at 67.5. North Port, which was second for much of the night, dropped to third as it didn’t put a 4×400 relay team on the track.
Riverdale and North Fort Myers rounded out the top five.

Charlotte got victories on the track from Dana Donovan in the 100 meters and Britney Augustin in the 300-meter hurdles. The 4×100 meter relay team also took first.

The Tarpons also placed high in several events. Jaliyah Underwood had a second in the long jump and third in the 100 hurdles, while Eunice Noel second in the 100 hurdles and third in the 300 hurdles.

Voss said the Lady Tarpons are right where they should be, and maybe then some.

“We’re on course. It’s still the first third of our season, so we’re still training. We‘re on schedule for what we think we can do at the end of the year,” Voss said. ”Dana running a 12.29 (seconds) is a little ahead of where I thought she’d be, but we’re still getting in track shape.”

North Port had a more mixed result.

Morgan Gloster set a school record in the pole vault at 3.20 meters and Carly Lovette set a school mark in the high jump in her first try in the event at 1.60 meters.

Emani Jefferson won the 200 meters with a time of 26.26, which was close to a school record. She also was third in the high jump.
As a team, the Bobcats were second in the 4×100 relay and third in the 4×800.

North Port coach Phu Nguyen said that although those girls went crazy for the records, others fell short of expectations.

“In the end, you need a full team effort and we didn’t have that tonight. Alexia Francavilla had a solid night (third in the long and triple jumps), but even she admitted she didn’t do her best,” Nguyen said. “We have the talent to be a solid team, but they have to perform and that just did not happen tonight.”

At Charlotte High
Top teams
Charlotte 129, Lakewood Ranch 67.5, North Port 66.5, Riverdale 58, North Fort Myers 51, Fort Myers 45, Estero 40, Cape Coral 37, Island Coast 30, Palmetto Ridge 28.

Top individuals
High Jump: 1. Carly Lovette (NP) 1.60m, 2. Emma King (BR) J1.60, 3. Donna Dunkum (LR) 1.55m, 3. Emani Jefferson (NP) 1.55m; Pole Vault: 1. Morgan Gloster (NP) 3.20m, 2. Alexandra Chlumsky (FM) J3.20m, 3. Natalie Jen (CHS) 3.05m; Long Jump: 1. Sophia Falco (LR) 5.48m, 2. Jaliyah Underwood (CHS) 5.23, 3. Alexia Francavilla (NP) 5.13; Triple Jump: 1. Sophia Falco (LR) 11.30m, 2. Marievensscy Volcy (IMM) 10.27m, 3. Alexia Francavilla (NP) 10.05m; Discus: 1. Elizabeth Sculles (PR) 34.04m, 2. Laura Liberiste (LEL) 33.16m, 3. Precious Tillman (IC) 31.78m; Shot Put: 1. Precious Tillman (IC) 10.13m, 2. Bessline Verneau (GC) 9.98, 3. Aleisha Curry (LEH) 9.98 m;

4X800 meter relay: 1. Estero (Alayna Goll, Angela Burun, Sofia Collins, Natalie Ippolito) 10:17.06, 2. Gulf Coast 10:19.93, 3. North Port 10:23.65; 100 hurdles: 1. Destiny Corbett (PR) 15.72, 2. Eunice Noel (CHS) 15.73, 3. Jaliyah Underwood (CHS) 15.81; 100 m: 1. Dana Donovan (CHS) 12.29, 2. Breonna Graham (BR) 12.61, 3. Symone Staley (RIV) 12.94; 1600 m: 1. Chelsea Oliver (RIV) 5:22.84, 2. Megan Giovanniello (EST) 5:23.88, 3. Alayna Goll (EST) 5:29.79; 4X100 m. relay: 1. Charlotte (Annabelle Anderson-Prater, Britney Augustin, Kaitlyn Chavarria, Eunice Noel) 49.80, 2. North Port 50.40, 3. Lakewood Ranch 50.66;

400 m: 1. Delanie Zohler (NFM) 1:02.37, 2. Alyssa Gagnon (BR) 1:02.73, 3. Gabrielle Mora (CC) 1:03.08; 300 m. hurdles: 1. Britney Augustin (CHS) 48.40, 2. Kyla Geren (RIV) 48.62, 3. Eunice Noel (CHS) 50.23; 800 m: 1. Kayla Easterly (NFM) 2:20.13, 2. Alexandria Rankin (IC) 2:26.72, 3. Chelsea Oliver (RIV) 2:28.93; 200 m: 1. Emani Jefferson (NP) 26.26, 3. Ava Klein (LR) 26.35, 3. Symone Staley (RIV) 27.10; 3200 m: 1. Kayla Easterly (NFM) 11:16.20, 2. Alayna Goll (EST) 11:58.03, 3. Cheyenne Young (CC) 12:20.61; 4X400 m. relay: 1. Lakewood Ranch (Ava Klein, Josie Curtis, Sophia Falco, Shay Lee) 4:17.61, 2. Riverdale 4:24.97, 3. Charlotte 4:28.12.

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