TRACK & FIELD: Charlotte girls, Port Charlotte boys win Invite

By Chuck Ballaro, Sun Correspondent

Port Charlotte’s Eli Johnson clears the bar during the boys high jump event held on Friday (Sun Photo by Jennifer Bruno).

PUNTA GORDA — The team competitions at the Charlotte Invitational Track Meet at Charlotte High School on Friday came down to the final events, as the Tarpons held wafer thin leads late in the boys and girls divisions.

But while the Charlotte girls were able to hold on for a three-point victory over North Port, the boys fell like a stone, dropping to fourth after Port Charlotte went second and third in the 3200 meters, while Charlotte was only able to place eighth, allowing Lakewood Ranch and eventually Venice to overtake them. The Pirates were the eventual winners, by a single point.

It was the sprints that made the difference for the girls. Dana Donovan led the Tarpons who won the 100 and 200 meters and was part of the winning 4X100 relay team. Jaliyah Underwood also won the 100 meter hurdles and Brittany Augustin won the 300 meter hurdles. Natalie Jen won the pole vault.

North Port’s strength was in the field, where Alexis Francavilla dominated, winning the long jump, triple jump and shot put.
Francavilla said this was great redemption following a poor outing last week at the Lady Tarpon Invite.

“I gave it everything I had today,” Francavilla said. ”I know that when I go to college, one event probably won’t cut it and schools are looking for pentathlon people who can do that.”

Lindsay Boethig won the 1600 meters, and Carly Lovett won the high jump for North Port, which won the 4X800 relay.

Lemon Bay’s girls scored most of their points in the distance events. Kelsi Ogilvie was the lone Manta Ray winner in the 3200, with Kristen Robinson right behind her. Alden Goucher was the lone Port Charlotte winner in the 800, and also finished runner-up in the 400.

Port Charlotte’s boys took home the team title on the strength of wins by Tyreece Luther in the triple jump and Tariq Chase who won the 300 hurdles and placed second in the 110 hurdles. It was the Pirates distance running that proved the difference, with John Perez and Michael Balseca’s 2-3 finish in the 3200 that turned the tables and allowed them to hold off Lakewood Ranch and Venice in a boys competition where the top four teams were separated by just 6.5 points.

“We’ve been doing OK. It was the two mile that put us over the top,” Port Charlotte coach Quintell Perkins said. “We were young last year and they all came back and kept working. This is a by-product of working hard.”

Charlotte got victories from D’Vonte Price in the 100 hurdles and from brother G’Vonte Price in the discus. Savorion Warren won the 100 and 200 meters as was on the 4X100 relay, where D’Vonte ralled in the final 100 meters for the win.

After finishing fourth, coach Jerry Voss was asked if they kept score as a way to say the points didn’t matter as much as staying on track.

“We keep score because it’s meaningful, but the big thing right now is getting time and distances,” Voss said. “The score is a barometer, we’re on schedule.”

Gene Oliver (high jump) and Devon Allen (long jump) were winners for the North Port boys, who finished sixth in the seven-team field, just ahead of Lemon Bay.

At Charlotte High
Port Charlotte 128, Lakewood Ranch 127, Venice 125.5, Charlotte 121.5, Palmetto Ridge 65, North Port 63, Lemon Bay 19

High Jump: 1. Gene Oliver (NP) 1.90m., 2. Harry Barthelemy (LR) 1.85m., 3. Kyle Marois (VEN) J1.85m.; Pole Vault: 1. Kevin Medrano (VEN) 13-00, 2. TimothyBurghardt (PR) 12-06, 3. Jonathon Walker (CHS) 11-6; Long Jump: 1. Devon Allen (NP) 6.95m., 2. Darren Thomas (NP) 6.40m., 3. D’Vonte Price (CHS) 6.38m.; Triple Jump: 1. Tyreece Luther (PC) 12.89m., 2. Drew Butler (LR) 12.55m., 3. Jayden Edwards (PC) 12.52m.; Discus: 1. G’Vonte Price (CHS) 44.50m., 2. Sam Jackson (LR) 44.48m., 3. Noah Oxley (LR) 41.46m.; Shot Put: 1. Jon Woo (PR) 14.66m., 2. Jack Fining (CHS) 14.57m., 3. Sam Jackson (LR) 13.63m;

4X800 relay: 1. Lakewood Ranch (Andrew Dean, Brice Easton, Jonathan Reid, Adam Scott) 8:25.11, 2. Port Charlotte 8:39.85, 3. North Port 8:43.21; 110 hurdles: 1. D’Vonte Price (CHS) 15.14, 2. Tariq Chase (PC) 16.02, 3. Nicholas Torres (PC) 16.11; 100 m: 1. Savorion Warren (CHS) 11.12, 2. Tanner Ayette (VEN) 11.39, 3. Harry Barthelemy (LR) 11.56; 1600 m: 1. Jonathan Reid (LR) 4:34.88, 2. John Perez (PC) 4:45.59, 3. Martin Calvillo (VEN) 4:47.30; 4X100 m. relay: 1. Charlotte (Andrew Grace, Savorion Warren, Nycarion Harvey, D’Vonte Price) 43.46, 2. Port Charlotte 43.85, 3. Venice 44.45;

400 m: 1. Jerome Cunningham (PR) 50.20, 2. Jeffery Fejes (VEN) 51.42, 3. Jayden Edwards (PC) 52.60; 300 m. hurdles: 1. Tariq Chase (PC) 42.49, 2. Trevoe Hohne (CHS) 43.36, 3. Justin Holloway (VEN) 44.68; 800 m: 1. Andrew Dean (LR) 2:00.16, 2. Louis Dietrich (NP) 2:04.15, 3. Martin Calvillo (VEN) 2:05.99; 200 m: Savorion Warren (CHS) 22.58, 2. Jerome Cunningham (PR) 22.81, 3. Tanner Ayette (VEN) 23.60; 3200 m: 1. Brice Easton (LR) 10:18.44, 2. John Perez (PC) 10:42.36, 3. Michael Balseca (PC) 11:01.36; 4X400 m. relay: 1. Lakewood Ranch (Jonathan Reid, Harry Barthelemy, James Rivera, Andrew Dean) 3:30.31, 2. Venice 3:37.93, 3. Port Charlotte 3:38.68.

Charlotte 160, North Port 157, Venice 100, Port Charlotte 73, Lakewood Ranch 62, Palmetto Ridge 49, Lemon Bay 47.

High Jump: 1. Carly Lovett (NP) 1.60m., 2. Tanner Gauthier (VEN) J1.60m., 3. Emani Jefferson (NP) 1.50m.; Pole Vault: 1. Natalie Jen (CHS) 10-0, 2. Hannah Whitney (VEN) J10-0, 3. Blaire Bennice (NP) 9-06; Long Jump: 1. Alexis Francavilla (NP) 5.38m., 2. Josie Curtis (LR) 4.67m., 3. Alden Goucher (PC) 4.64m.; Triple Jump: 1. Alexis Francavilla (NP) 10.70m., 2. Alden Goucher (PC) 10.61m., 3. Shelby Beisner (CHS) 9.88m.; Discus: 1. Elizabeth Sculles (PR) 34.38m., 2. Morgan Lingle (LR) 30.88m., 3. Hallie Thompson (CHS) 30.66m.; Shot Put: 1. Alexis Francavilla (NP) 10.06m., 2. Sariah Dempaire (PC) 9.74m., 3. Elizabeth Sculles (PR) 9.03m.;

4X800 relay: 1. North Port (Kaley Boethig, Lindsey Boethig, Shelby Cutchineal, Kayla Dennis) 10:11.06, 2. Lemon Bay 10:12.16, 3. Venice 10:30.05; 100 hurdles: 1. Jaliyah Underwood (CHS) 15.98, 2. Eunice Noel (CHS) 16.14, 3. Destiny Corbett (PR) 16.29; 100 m: 1. Dana Donovan (CHS) 12.44, 2. Emani Jefferson (NP) 12.51, 3. Ava Klein (LR) 12.92; 1600 m: 1. Lindsay Boethig (NP) 5:40.15, 2. Alexa Roughton (CHS) 5:43.81, 3. Katie Kanagy (CHS) 5:43.90; 4X100 m. relay: 1. Charlotte (Britney Augustin, Kaitlyn Chavarria, Dana Donovan, Jaliyah Underwood) 49.38, 2. North Port 50.06, 3. Venice 52.75;

400 m: 1. Ava Klein (LR) 58.87, 2. Alden Goucher (PC) 1:01.76, 3. Emma Gallagher (VEN) 1:01.89; 300 m. hurdles: 1. Britney Augustin (CHS) 47.83, 2. Eunice Noel (CHS) 48.85, 3. Destiny Corbett (PR) 49.07; 800 m: 1. Alden Goucher (PC) 2:32.17, 2. Isabella Reyes (PC) 2:33.67, 3. Kayla Dennis (NP) 2:35.21; 200 m: 1. Dana Donovan (CHS) 26.09, 2. Emani Jefferson (NP) 26.49, 3. Jaliyah Underwood (CHS) 26.79; 3200 m: 1. Kelsi Ogilvie (LB) 11:32.10, 2. Kristen Robinson (LB) 12:23.08, 3. Darielle Costa (NP) 12:54.13; 4X400 m. relay: 1. Venice (Emma Gallagher, Hannah Robertson, Mason Schilling, Sena Szczepaniuk) 4:14.01, 2. Lakewood Ranch 4:16.53, 3. Charlotte 4:17.93.

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