TRACK & FIELD: Charlotte girls run away with team title

By Chuck Ballaro, Sun Correspondent

Charlotte’s Shelby Beisner, center, pulls ahead to hold her victory in her 100-meter hurdles heat during Friday’s meet (Sun Photo by Michele Haskell).

PUNTA GORDA — Any hopes the competition had in beating the Charlotte High School girls track team disappeared quickly at the Tarpon Invitational track meet at Charlotte High School Friday.

The girls swept the podium in the 100 meter dash, leaving Venice and any other competitor in the dust as the Tarpons won the girls meet easily with 163 points, more than doubling up second-place Venice, which had 81. Barron Collier was third.

Meanwhile, the boys competition was between Charlotte, Port Charlotte and Naples, with the Bears coming from behind with a strong 3200 to win the team standings. Naples had 101 points, with Charlotte second at 85 and port Charlotte at 76.

It was certainly a great day for the girls, especially when Natalie Jen won the pole vault and Jaliyah Underwood took the long jump.

But it was in the sprints where Charlotte proved to be unbeatable. Underwood and Eunice Noel placed second and third in the 100 hurdles, then swept the 100, with Dana Donovan, Annebelle Anderson Prater, and Kaitlyn Chavarria going one, two, three respectively.

Charlotte topped it off by winning the 4×100 meter relay by more than three seconds, with Noel coming back to win the 300 meter hurdles and Donovan the 200 meters. Alexa Roughton was even a winner in the 3200 to give Charlotte a long-distance presence.

Alden Goucher won the triple jump for Port Charlotte in the girls triple jump to help the Pirates to a sixth-place team finish. Sariah Dempaire placed second in the shot put. North Port brought a handful of athletes, with Darielle Costa placing third in the 3200.

For the boys, Port Charlotte got an early team advantage when Tyreece Luther and Jayden Edwards went one-two in the triple jump. Charlotte countered when G’Vonte Price and Jack Fining won the discus and shot put, respectively.

Again, Charlotte’s sprinters came up big. D’Vonte Price won the 110 meter hurdles and Savorion Warren won the 100 and 200 meters. Both were on the 4×100 relay, where Price came from third place to win.

But with no representation in the 3200, Naples was able to overtake the Tarpons, finishing second and third. John Perez of Port Charlotte won the race, but the Pirates would have to settle for third overall.

Lemon Bay had its moments. Rob Cerami was second in the boys discus, while Braden Curry placed third in the shot put.

Tarpon Invitational
Team results
Naples 101, Charlotte 85, Port Charlotte 76, Immokolee 60.5, Venice 52, Barron Collier 51, Island Coast 51, Ida Baker 49, Palmetto Ridge 22, Booker 21

High Jump: 1. Kyle Marois (VEN) 1.88m., 2. Samauri Bane (BKR) 1.83m., 3. Jhaman Myrthil (IMM) 1.78m; Pole Vault: 1. Kane Aldrich (CSN) 4.29m., 2. Jimmy O’Connor (IB) 3.96m., 3. Kevin Medrano (VEN) J3.96m.; Long Jump: 1. Tyrone Campbell (IC) 6.70m., 2. Talik Keaton (BKR) 6.67m., 3. Tyreece Luther (PC) 6.41m.; Triple Jump: 1. Tyreece Luther (PC) 12.77m., 2. Jayden Edwards (PC) 12.56m., 3. Ishmael Ambroise (LEH) 12.53; Discus: 1. G’Vonte Price (CHS) 42.42m., 2. Rob Cerami (LB) 42.02m., 3. Jevon Thomas (IMM) 41.88m.; Shot Put: 1. Jack Fining (CHS) 14.82m., 2. Jevon Thomas (IMM) 14.54m., 3. Brayden Curry (LB) 14.31m.;

4X800 meter relay: 1. Ida Baker (George Fernandez, Jonathan Harshman, Steven Salinas, Ryan Ringer) 8:28.37, 2. Island Coast 8:28.94, 3. Naples 8:29.82; 110 hurdles: 1. D’Vonte Price (CHS) 14.71, 2. Tyler Mansfield (BC) 15.35, 3. Nicholas Torres (PC) 1.66; 100 m: 1. Savorion Warren (CS) 10.92, 2. Calvin Smith (IC) 11.06, 3. Wooby Theork (NAP) 11.13; 1600 m: 1. Dylan Clark (NAP) 4:41.25, 2. Mateo Defoor (IC) 4:42.59, 3. Ellerman Mateo (IMM) 4:45.85; 4X100 m. relay: 1. Charlotte (Boubacar Barry, Andrew Grace, Nycarion Harvey, D’Vonte Price) 43.81, 2. Port Charlotte 44.01, 3. Island Coast 44.26;

400 m: 1. Jerome Cunningham (PR) 50.29, 2. Neil Blake (VEN) 51.20, 3. Jared Kornetti (NAP) 51.33; 300 m. hurdles: 1. Tyler Mansfield (BC) 41.19, 2. Jhaman Myrthil (IMM) 41.25, 3. Elijah Butz (MAR) 41.66; 800 m: 1. Aaron Ostler (BC) 2:00.14, 2. Macenson Yrelus (IMM) 2:00.20, 3. Samir Lester (IC) 2:03.26; 200 m: 1. Savorion Warren (CHS) 22.54, 2. Jordan Persad-Tirone (NAP) 22.66, 3. Wooby Theork (NAP) 22.96; 3200 m: 1. John Perez (PC) 10:06.04, 2. Austin Peel (NAP) 10:11.46, 3. Brady Gibson (NAP) 10:26.87; 4X400 m. relay: 1.  Ida Baker (Monfred Nevelus, Jesse Blow, Ryan Ringer, Kennice Beaubrun) 3:26.99, 2. Naples 3:28.10, 3. Venice 3:30.17.

Team results
Charlotte 163, Venice 81, Barron Collier 69, Naples 65, Palmetto Ridge 45, Port Charlotte 36.5, First Baptist 30.5, North Fort Myers 29, Lehigh 27, Bishop Verot 26.

High Jump: 1. Tanner Gauthier (VEN) 1.52m., 2. Emily Vaughn (CHS) 1.47m., 3. La Tisha Pereira (CHS) J1.47m.; Pole Vault: 1. Natalie Jen (CHS) 3.05m., 2. Hannah Whitney (VEN) 2.74 m., 3. Marcela Valencia-Parra (BC) 2.59; Long Jump: 1. Jaliyah Underwood (CHS) 5.02m., 2. Marievensscy Volcy (IMM) 4.94m., 3. Emily Hanus (CSN) 4.85m.; Triple Jump: 1. Alden Goucher (PC) 10.64m., 2. Marievensscy Volcy (IMM) 10.46m., 3. Amelia Hanlon (NAP) 9.86m.; Discus: 1. Elizebeth Sculles (PR) 40.22m., 2 Daeiona Fleming (LEH) 32.78m., 3. Hallie Thompson (CHS) 32.56m.; Shot Put: 1. Emily Weeks (BC) 10.99m., 2. Sariah Dempaire (PC) 10.71m., 3. Aleisha Curry (LEH) 10.42m.;

4X800 meter relay: 1. Naples (Zoe D’Antonio, Merlica Faustin, Jillian Dempsey, Julia Marceau) 10:08.00, 2. Venice 10:13.50, 3. Barron Collier 10:18.80; 100 hurdles: 1. Destiny Corbett (PR) 15.85, 2. Jaliyah Underwood (CHS) 16.06, 3. Eunice Noel (CHS) 16.11; 100 m: 1. Dana Donovan (CHS) 12.38, 2. Annebelle Anderson Prater (CHS) 12.97, 3. Kaitlyn Chavarria (CHS) 12.99; 1600 m: Zoe D’Antonio (NAP) 5:35.47, 2. Sophia Richardt (BC) 5:40.01, 3. Katie Kanagy (CHS) 5:40.37; 4X100 m. relay: 1. Charlotte (Annabelle Anderson Prater, Kaitlyn Chavarria, Dana Donovan, Eunice Noel) 48.99, 2. Lehigh 52.07, 3. Venice 52.11;

400 m: 1. Sydney Eugene (CSN) 1:00.53, 2. Amanda Hamm (RVD) 1:00.95, 3. Sena Szczepaniuk (VEN) 1:01.23; 300 m. hurdles: 1. Eunice Noel (CHS) 47.35, 2. Francesca Goduti (BC) 49.01, 3. Sydney Beam (FBA) 49.42; 800 m: 1. Andie Gonzalez (BC) 2:29.37, 2. Julia Marceau (NAP) 2:29.41, 3. Hannah Robertson (VEN) 2:30.13; 200 m: 1. Dana Donovan (CHS) 25.33, 2. Nicole Smith (FBA) 26.61, 3. Annabel Anderson Prater (CHS) 26.67; 3200 m: 1. Alexa Roughton (CHS) 12:37.34, 2. Ashley Easterly (NFM) 12:46.35, 3. Darielle Costa (NP) 12:49.21; 4X400 m. relay:  1. Venice (Emma Gallagher, Hannah Robertson, Mason Schilling, Sena Szczepaniuk) 4:10.84, 2. Barron Collier 4:15.20, 3. Charlotte 4:17.36.

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