SOFTBALL NOTEBOOK: Area teams locked into District seeds

By Jordan Kroeger, SunCoast Sports
Last week’s matchup between Charlotte and North Port proved to be enormous in the District 7A-11 standings.
North Port came away with 3-1 victory last Monday to begin a week of chaos in the district. Charlotte then lost to Venice later in the week and North Port lost to Fort Myers, putting all three teams in a three-way tie in the standings at 2-4. That ultimately cost Charlotte, which is now locked into No. 4 seed in the upcoming district tournament due to zero road wins in district play. That means the Tarpons will have to beat top-seeded Fort Myers to make the regional playoffs.
To make matters worse for Charlotte, Haley Cabral suffered a high-ankle fracture in a tournament in Ocala over the weekend and pitcher Julie Dedrick was hit by a ball on her elbow. The fear is she broke her arm.
North Port will face Venice in the No. 2 vs. No. 3 matchup, with home field to be determined by a coin flip.
Lemon Bay split its district games last week, losing to DeSoto County but defeating Dunbar. The loss to DeSoto County hurts the most as the Bulldogs swept the season series from the Manta Rays to clinch the No. 1 seed in the District 5A-12 Tournament. The Manta Rays’ win over Dunbar pushed their district record to 4-2, clinching the No. 2 seed for the tournament.
Port Charlotte still can’t win a game outside of its district and couldn’t win any within it last week either. The Pirates lost both their games against Mariner last week, finishing off their district record at 6-6 and locking them up as the No. 4 seed for the tournament, where they’ll face Cape Coral.


North Port
Season record: 12-8 (2-4 in District 7A-11)
Season record: 14-8 (2-4 in District 7A-11)
Lemon Bay
Season record: 8-10 (4-2 in District 5A-12)
Port Charlotte
Season record: 6-15 (6-6 in District 6A-11)


Hitting (minimum 15 at-bats)
Player School H AB AVG
Haley Cabral Charlotte 25 56 .446
Brittany Ferrentino Port Charlotte 24 55 .436
Abby Hayse Charlotte 31 72 .431
Kylie Murray North Port 30 73 .410
Ashley Nelson North Port 23 58 .396
Aimee Holt Lemon Bay 20 51 .392
Kaylee Brannon Charlotte 28 72 .389
Tiffany Dodson Charlotte 23 63 .365
Jaiden Dabney Port Charlotte 20 57 .351
Bailey Grossenbacher Lemon Bay 17 49 .347
Christain Chandler Lemon Bay 16 49 .327
Alyssa Allred Port Charlotte  9 28 .321
Alyssa Opsahl Charlotte 16 50 .320
Logan Johnson Lemon Bay 17 54 .315
Kasi Shaffer Lemon Bay 17 54 .315
Taylor Kirkus Charlotte 21 67 .313
Marissa Stack Charlotte 19 61 .311
Karlie Sweiderk Lemon Bay 14 45 .311
Taylor Innello Port Charlotte 12 40 .300
Home runs
3: Tiffany Dodson, Charlotte; Brianna Mitchell, North Port; Kasi Shaffer, Lemon Bay
2: Kaylee Brannon, Charlotte
1: Brooke Kvaternick, Lemon Bay; Ashley Nelson, North Port; Alyssa Opsahl, Charlotte; Cortney Senna, North Port; Seaaria Yiengst, Port Charlotte
Runs batted in
24: Brianna Mitchell, North Port
21: Tiffany Dodson, Charlotte
17: Kasi Shaffer, Lemon Bay
16: Taylor Kirkus, Charlotte
15: Logan Johnson, Lemon Bay; Karlie Sweiderk, Lemon Bay
14: Bailey Grossenbacher, Lemon Bay
13: Aimee Holt, Lemon Bay
12: Kaylee Brannon, Charlotte; Brooke Kvaternick, Lemon Bay; Ashley Nelson, North Port
11: Ali Eugenius, Port Charlotte; Abby Hayse, Charlotte; Seaaira Yiengst, Port Charlotte
10: Jaiden Dabney, Port Charlotte; Taylor Koohns, North Port; Skylar Poitras, North Port; Cortney Senna, North Port
9: Destiny Ashcraft, Lemon Bay; Francesca Gallucci, Lemon Bay; Kylie Murray, North Port; Rayne Wells, Lemon Bay
8: Alyssa Allred, Port Charlotte; Haley Cabral, Charlotte;  Nadia Playter, North Port
7: Brittany Ferrentino, Port Charlotte; Alyssa Opshal, Charlotte
Pitching (min. 19 innings)
Player School W-L S IP K ERA
Liberty Pence North Port 6-3 0 48.0 45 2.10
Ashley Nelson North Port 5-4 0 60.0 40 2.30
Bailey Grossenbacher Lemon Bay 3-6 1 54.0 43 3.50
Logan Johnson Lemon Bay 5-4 1 51.0 26 4.67
Seaaira Yiengst Port Charlotte 6-9 0 83.1 73 4.70
Julie Dedrick Charlotte 7-4 1 72.1 52 N/A
Tiffany Dodson Charlotte 6-3 0 65.0 38 N/A
*Charlotte didn’t provide pitchers’ ERA

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