TRACK & FIELD: Charlotte girls take district title; Charlotte, Port Charlotte boys place top-3

By Chuck Ballaro, Sun Correspondent

Charlotte’s Kaitlyn Chavarria competes in the district events held at the meet on Wednesday afternoon (Sun Photo by Jennifer Bruno).

PUNTA GORDA — In the end, it was the Charlotte girls sprinters who were able to hold off the long distance runners of Fort Myers to capture the District 3A-11 track and field championship at the Tarpons track on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Charlotte boys, and the Port Charlotte boys and girls teams had performances that allowed them to qualify for regionals next week in St. Petersburg.

The Tarpon girls had 139 points to edge Fort Myers by 12. Charlotte was led Eunice Noel, who won the long jump and the 100-meter hurdles. Noel also was runner-up in the 300 hurdles to teammate Britney Augustin, who was part of the 4×100 relay that blistered the field by nearly three seconds.

“We pulled through more than I really could’ve guessed. We did well in distance, but I think the sprint got us the title,” sprinter Kaitlyn Chavarria said. “We really showed up with the sprints today and it showed on the scoreboard.”

Jaliyah Underwood was fourth in the long jump, second in the 100 hurdles and was part of the 4×100 relay with Dana Donovan, who was second in the 100 meters and third in the 200.

Latisha Pereira was third in the high jump, while Natalie Jen, Lexus Sweet and Ulyana Clarkes were 2-3-4 in the pole vault to earn them regionals. Charlotte’s 4×800 and 4×400 relays finished third to get to regionals.

For the boys, the Price brothers won district titles. G’Vonte won the discus while D’Vonte won the 110-meter hurdles and was second in the long jump and a teammate in the 4×100 that was runner-up.

Dalton Larson and Jonathan Walker were 2-3 in the pole vault, while Jack Fining was runner-up in the shot put. Savorion Warren’s fourth in the 100 and Daniel Frederiqie’s fourth in the shot put also earned them regional berths.

“We got off to a great start in the field and the kids did what they usually do,” Charlotte coach Jerry Voss said. “All the kids who qualified did what they were supposed to do.”

Balanced Fort Myers totaled 146 points to finish 50 points up on Charlotte. Port Charlotte did well in the distance and jumping events to take third with 78 points.

Tyreece Luther and Jayden Edwards were 1-2 in the triple jump, with Luther also third in the long jump. Eli Johnson was fourth in the high jump to go to regionals.

On the track, the Pirates got second and third from John Perez in the 3200 and 1600, respectively, along with a fourth in the 4×800 relay and a third in the 4×400.

For the girls, who finished seventh, Alden Goucher was the lone winner in the triple jump. Sarah Dempaire will go to regionals in two events after a third in discus and a fourth in the shot put.

“There were a number of athletes we thought had a chance to compete for regionals and some looking to earn points and a varsity letter, and they did that,” Port Charlotte girls coach Ray Chumbley said. “The 4×400 ran six seconds faster than they have all year. I’m pleased with the way we performed.”

At Charlotte High
Team standings
Fort Myers 146, Charlotte 96, Port Charlotte 78, Ida Baker 72, Island Coast 65, S. Fort Myers 59, Riverdale 53, Mariner 21, Cape Coral 21, Lehigh 20, N. Fort Myers 19, Cypress Lake 8.

High Jump: 1. Anterieon Payne (RIV) 1.87m., 2. Jordan Bergman (FM) 1.82m., 3. Cornelius Johnson (RIV) 1.77m.; Pole Vault: 1. Jimmy O’Connor (IB) 4.10m., 2. Dalton Larson (CHS) 3.65m., 3. Jonathon Walker (CHS) 3.65m.; Long Jump: 1. Tyrone Campbell (IC) 6.87m., 2. D’Vonte Price (CHS) 6.75m., 3. Tyreece Luther (PC) 6.65m.; Triple Jump: 1. Tyreece Luther (PC) 13.49m., 2. Jayden Edwards (PC) 13.06m., 3. Tyrone Campbell (IC) 12.67m.; Discus: 1. G’Vonte Price (CHS) 45.18m., 2. Mitchell Helman (CL) 41.28m., 3. Jacob Lemon (FM) 40.88m.; Shot Put: 1. Nick Viola (RIV) 14.68m., 2. Jack Fining (CHS) 14.61m., 3. Maximus Rodriguez (IB) 13.85.;

4X800 meter relay: 1. Fort Myers (Reese Novella, Kyle Skinner, Evan Babatz, Nick Carpenter) 8:11.70, 2. Island Coast  8:15.42, 3. Ida Baker 8:21.05; 110 hurdles: 1. D;Vonte Price (CHS) 14.35, 2. Althiery Leontes (SFM) 14.36, 3. Josias Jean (FM) 14.82; 100 m: 1. Widchard Guervil (FM) 10.67, 2. Patston Stewart (LEH) 10.79, 3. Calvin Smith (IC) 11.03; 1600 m: 1. Evan Babatz (FM) 4:36.48, 2. Nick Carpenter (FM) 4:38.14, 3. John Perez (PC) 4:38.91; 4X100 m. relay: 1. Fort Myers (Josias Jean, Voldrick Dorelien, Jonathan Cassmajor, Widchard Guervil) 41.97, 2. Charlotte 42.81, 3. Cape Coral 43.46;

400 m: 1. Ryan Ringer (IB) 49.03, 2. Andtravius Perkins (SFM) 50.32, 3. Wislot Augistin (FM) 50.74; 300 m. hurdles: 1. Althiery Leontes (SFM) 38.51, 2. Josias Jean (FM) 38.96, 3. Antaeveon Payne (RIV) 39.74; 800 m: 1. Evan Babatz (FM) 2:01.86, 2. Bobby Martin (IC) 2:02.31, 3. Jonathan Harshman (IB) 2:02.53; 200 m: 1. Widchard Guervil (FM) 21.94, 2. E’Quan Dorris (SFM) 22.95, 3. Patston Stewart (LEH) 22.96; 3200 m: 1. Kyle Skinner (FM) 10:16.03, 2. John Perez (PC) 10:24.79, 3. Mateo Defoor (IC) 10:25.57; 4X400 m. relay: 1. Ida Baker (Ryan Ringer, Jesse Blow, Monfred Nevulus, Kennice Beaubrun) 3:25.18, 2. South Fort Myers 3:26.11, 3. Port Charlotte 3:30.48.

Team standings
Charlotte 139, Fort Myers 127, Riverdale 76, S. Fort Myers 62, Island Coast 62, Cape Coral 52, Port Charlotte 44, Lehigh 31, Ida Baker 28, N. Fort Myers 24, Cypress Lake 13.

High Jump: 1. Anna Presson (RIV) 1.57m., 2. Olivia Talmage (FM) 1.52m., 3. La Tisha Pereira (CHS) 1.52m.; Pole Vault: 1. Alexandra Chlumsky (FM) 3.50m., 2. Natalie Jen (CHS) 3.35m., 3. Lexus Sweet (CHS) 2.60m.; Long Jump: 1. Eunice Noel (CHS) 5.09m., 2. Symone Staley (RIV) 5.09m., 3. I’Keriah Day (SFM) 5.08m.; Triple Jump: 1. Alden Goucher (PC) 10.86m., 2. I’Keriah Day (SFM) 10.40m., 3. Joilynn Lewis (CC) 10.27m.; Discus: 1. Dariona Fleming (LEH) 34.40m., 2. Precious Tilman (IC) 32.40m., 3. Sarah Dempaire (PC) 30.20m.; Shot Put: 1. Precious Tilman (IC) 11.39m., 2. Aleisha Curry (LEH) 10.89m., 3. Dariona Fleming (LEH) 10.43m.;

4X800 meter relay: 1. Fort Myers (Caroline McKenzie, Fiona Kurland, Sidney Oakes-Lottridge, Kristlin Gear) 9:39.88, 2. Island Coast 9:47.78, 3. Charlotte 9:57.77; 100 hurdles: 1. Eunice Noel (CHS) 15.13, 2. Jaliyah Underwood (CHS) 15.76, 3. Dashnie Dervil (IB) 15.91; 100 m: 1. Mirlege Castor (SFM) 11.86, 2. Dana Donovan (CHS) 12.07, 3. Te’era Stewart (SFM) 12.41; 1600 m: Kristlin Gear (FM) 5:06.98, 2. Caroline MacKenzie (FM) 5:10.97, 3. Chelsey Oliver (RIV) 5:12.97; 4X100 m. relay: 1. Charlotte (Kaitlyn Chavarria, Britney Augustin, Jaliyah Underwood, Dana Donovan) 48.25, 2. Cape Coral 51.09, 3. North Fort Myers 51.38;

400 m: 1. Alexandria Rankin (IC) 57.88, 2. Myke’lah McMiller (SFM) 1:01.22, 3. Delanie Zohler (NFM) 1:01.22; 300 m. hurdles: 1. Britney Augustin (CHS) 46.68, 2. Eunice Noel (CHS) 47.30, 3. Kyla Geren (RIV) 49.06; 800 m: 1. Kristlin Gear (FM) 2:20.64, 2. Fiona Kurland (FM) 2:23.21, 3. Isabella Snyder (IC) 2:24.32; 200 m: 1. Mirlege Castor (SFM) 24.70, 2. Te’Era Stewart (SFM) 25.79, 3. Dana Donovan (CHS) 25.90; 3200 m: 1. Kristlin Gear (FM) 11:16.16, 2. Caroline MacKenzie (FM) 11:40.50, 3. Chelsey Oliver (RIV) 11:44.19; 4X400 m. relay: 1. Island Coast (Alexandria Rankin, Cory Pethers, Stephanie Hernandez, Isabella Snyder) 4:14.76, 2. Riverdale 4:17.59, 3. Charlotte 4:20.37.

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