FOOTBALL: Notes and quotes from last week’s spring games


NORTH PORT — If last Thursday was any indication, North Port’s offense has some explosive potential this coming season.

The Bobcats lost their spring game to Southeast last week but it wasn’t for their lack of offense. Quarterback Devon Allen and company put up 35 points, with receiver C.K. Poulos catching three touchdown passes.

Allen and Poulos connected for two scores before Allen left the game with an elbow injury. But North Port coach Brian Hatler says the senior duo has developed some nice chemistry together this spring.

“They got off to a good start together. Unfortunately, Devon got banged up a little bit. That’s hard, so we had to get some other guys in there at quarterback and they kept at it. We have to continue to build those relationships as players in our offseason,” Hatler said.

Allen says he’s already seen big improvements this spring from the Bobcats, who won only one game in 2016.

“We made a lot better strides than last year, for sure, and we kept (the spring game) closer,” Allen said. “We’re going to grind in the summer for sure. We’re going to get better and stronger.”


SARASOTA — “Oh yeah, I like this team! I like playing on this team!”

Those were the words shouted by two-way player Skylar Razwilavich following Port Charlotte’s 22-21 thrilling win over Riverview in the teams’ spring game last Friday. Razwilavich transferred from North Port over winter break and already feels like he’s found a new home.

“I came in new over winter break when I transferred here. I didn’t have a starting spot and I didn’t know any of the defense because it was totally different from where I came from, but I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me because it wasn’t me on the field tonight. It was my defensive line,” Razwilavich said.

Razwilavich made a big impact in the game on both sides of the ball. He intercepted two passes while also catching a 13-yard touchdown pass from teammate T.J. Luther on offense. His second interception was a big one as it came right after running back Davon Keyes fumbled trying to run out the clock.

“When I got my second pick, our quarterback Paul Barnes told us, ‘We didn’t drive 50 minutes over here and then wait an hour and a half in a delay to lose this game.’ We put a mindset in our heads that we came here for a reason — this was a business trip. It’s not a fun game, it’s a business trip like every game,” Razwilavich said.


Port Charlotte defensive tackle Devin Leacock once again made an impact

in the victory over Riverview and college coaches have taken notice.

Leacock already has offers from Southern Miss, Marshall, South Florida, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Eastern Michigan, McNeese State and Appalachian State heading into his senior season.

Many more are likely to come.

“He’s a stud. He brings more than just the strength to our football team. He brings our ethic,” Port Charlotte coach Jordan Ingman said. “He works out at 5:30 in the morning and after school with the team. That’s the type of commitment that permeates throughout the football team and he brings so much more to our team than just the strength. He’s just a great football player and a great person.”


TAMPA — Something happened Thursday night that hadn’t occurred since before the members of the Lemon Bay football team were born.

For the first time since 1999, Manta Ray head coach Don Southwell was the offensive play caller during a game.

“That was fun. It was cool,” Southwell said. “I like being one of the bad guys. That’s what I used to call guys like me (when I was a defensive coordinator).”

Southwell was the coach at Gainesville High School when he was just 22-years-old, and according to the first-year Lemon Bay head coach, he hasn’t called a game since then.

You wouldn’t be able to tell 18 years had elapsed since he called plays on Lemon Bay’s first drive, as they had their way with Berkeley Prep’s defense on a 15-play, 70-yard drive.

“I got a little spoiled on that first drive marching right down,” Southwell said.

The Manta Rays collected four first downs on that drive, and gained positive yards in all but two plays for the series.

The biggest play of the drive was a 16-yard completion from quarterback Hayden Wolff to receiver Thomas Chaney. It was eventually finished on a one-yard run up the middle by running back Tyler Klocinski.

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